Maxidom stores

Maxidom Stores

Store address: St. Petersburg, 18A Grazhdansky Prospect

Open since: October 1997

Number of staff: 264 persons

Total area: 11,063 sq.m.

Sales floor area: 10,086 sq.m.

Store address: St. Petersburg, 131 Moskovsky Prospect

Open since: July 1999

Number of staff: 296 persons

Total area: 12,078 sq.m.

Sales floor area: 10,553 sq.m.

Store address: St. Petersburg, 103 Leninsky Prospect

Open since: November 2002

Number of staff: 393 persons

Total area: 16,955 sq.m.

Sales floor area: 12,000 sq.m.

Store address: St. Petersburg, 15 Bogatyrsky Prospect

Open since: October 2004

Number of staff: 286 persons

Total area: 16,600 sq.m.

Sales floor area: 12,300 sq.m.

Store address: St. Petersburg, 503/2 Vyborgskoe Highway

Open since: December 2006

Number of staff: 232 persons

Total area: 20,432 sq.m.

Sales floor area: 15,837 sq.m.

Store address: St. Petersburg, 64 Dunaisky Prospect

Open since: July 2007

Number of staff: 256 persons

Total area: 14,536 sq.m.

Sales floor area: 11,753 sq.m.

Store address: St. Petersburg, 31 Telmana Street

Open since: January 2008

Number of staff: 224 persons

Total area: 18,312 sq.m.

Sales floor area: 13,908 sq.m.

Store address: Nizhny Novgorod, 1 Turgaiskaya Street

Open since: November 2008

Number of staff: 180 persons

Total area: 13,346 sq.m.

Sales floor area: 9,211 sq.m.

Store address: Kazan, 11A Richard Sorge Street

Open since: July 2010

Number of staff: 190 persons

Total area: 18,315 sq.m.

Sales floor area: 10,542 sq.m.

Store address: Ekaterinburg, 45 Tveritina Street

Open since: April 2015

Number of staff: 175 persons

Total area: 14,079 sq.m.

Sales floor area: 10,324 sq.m.

Store address: Samara, 308A Kirova Prospect

Open since: August 2015

Number of staff: 195 persons

Total area: 18,784 sq.m.

Sales floor area: 9,955 sq.m.

Planned openings

Store address: Ufa, Marshala Zhukova Street at crossing with Selskoi Bogorodskoi Street

Opening: 2016

Store address: Peredovikov Prospect at crossing with Udarnikov Prospect

Opening: 2016